Direct write laser exposure system

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An affordable direct write photolithography system for mask creation.

This device will be based on the following abstract.

There is much room for improvement on this design both in cost and performance. Here are some design considerations.

Linear XY Stage
Stage: Laser cut 23mm thick acrylic
Motors: NEMA 14 Bipolar Stepper, 400 steps/rev ($12
Leadscrews: .5mm pitch M3 ($8/meter mcmaster)
Nuts: M3 hexnut ($2.50/ 50 pack mcmaster)
Antibacklash spring integrated into stages
Bushings: LM3UU for guide rod ($3 Ebay)
Bearings: 3x3x3mm for threaded rod ($3 Ebay)

Coupler: 3mm to 5mm (couples threaded rod to stepper shaft)($4 Ebay)

Eyepiece: WF10 ($15 Ebay)
Objective: 100x Achromatic ($40 Ebay)
Barrel: 170mm long 24mm diameter 2mm thick black pvc pipe ($3 lowes)
Imaging: Logitech C270 720p Webcam ($15 Ebay)

Great resource on simple compound microscope construction.

Motion Control
Computer: Micro ATX, G1610, 4GB DDR3, 40GB SSD ($150)
Software: Ubuntu 12.04 + Xenomai Kernel, LinuxCNC (Free)
Steppers: Closed loop direct drive from parallel port using HAL to L298 powerstages ($8 Ebay)
Rotary Encoders: Optical, model not determined
Linear Encoders: Michealson Interferometer

This page is a work in progress.

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